Don’t Expect Driveclub to Get Meaningful PS5 Upgrades, Remaster ‘Extremely Unlikely’


Former Evolution Studios’ designer and Driveclub director, Paul Rustchynsky, has told fans on Twitter that the game will not receive any meaningful PlayStation 5 upgrades, and that a remaster is “extremely unlikely.”

If you’re wondering why Rustchynsky would even need to address this, it’s because he has been asked about the possibility of PS5 enhancements and a remaster enough times for him to respond. In response to queries about a new MotorStorm entry, Rustchynsky said that Sony owns the IP and will do with it as it pleases.

In a series of tweets, he wrote:

With PS5 I’m seeing tons of questions about DRIVECLUB and MotorStorm – so let’s try and set some records straight. 

Will DRIVECLUB see any improvements on PS5 ?

– There will be no meaningful upgrades as is. The frame rate is capped at 30fps and the resolution at 1080p. Even the loading times were already amazing. 

Is a DRIVECLUB update/remaster/sequel likely?

– Honestly I think it’s extremely unlikely. Sony have Gran Turismo as their key racing franchise and the cost to bring even a remaster back would cost a fortune in licensing.

Where’s my MotorStorm remaster/sequel?

– Sony owns the IP and could resurrect it at any time, but I’m not aware of any projects underway. I’d say chances are low, but I wouldn’t rule it out. So keep the hope!

Have I been approached to do any DRIVECLUB or MotorStorm related projects? If so would I do it?

– No. I’d love to if the circumstances were right

There you have it!

[Source: Paul Rustchynsky via VGC]

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