Dirt 5 Will Support 120 FPS on the PlayStation 5 as Well, Dev Confirms


Developer Codemasters has revealed that its upcoming racer, Dirt 5, will support 120 frames-per-second on the PlayStation 5. The studio had previously only confirmed such an option for the Xbox Series X.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via PlayStation Universe), development director Rob Kar confirmed the news alongside praising the DualSense controller. According to Kar, the DualSense is a good fit for racing games and offers a unique experience.

The DualSense is great. When we got the tech demo up and running, the whole studio came around and everyone wanted a go. It offers something new and unique and we felt it fits really well for racing, especially for a game with such diversity of content and cars.

The power of the PS5 also means that we will have an option for 120 FPS, which is very exciting for the racers who know that every frame counts.

In a separate press release, Codemasters revealed the following car classes coming Dirt 5:

  • Cross Raid
  • Rock Bouncer
  • Rally Cross
  • Formula Off Road
  • Classic Rally
  • 80s Rally
  • 90s Rally
  • Rally GT
  • Sprint
  • Pre Runners
  • Super Lites
  • Unlimited (Trucks)

“Combine the car classes with our 10 brand new locations, huge slate of event types, and dynamic extreme weather which completely transforms the handling and gameplay feel,” said Producer Stuart Boyd. “The amount of different experiences to drive in just goes off the scale – we can’t wait for you take it all for a spin!”

Dirt 5 will release on October 9th for current-gen consoles and later for next-gen consoles.

[Source: PSU]

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