Destiny 2’s Guardian Games Seasonal Event is Essentially an Olympics for Guardian Classes


Which Destiny 2 class is the best? It’s a question that’s long been woven through Destiny’s fandom, everyone with their favorite Guardians (I’m a Titan main!), but Bungie’s upcoming Guardian Games in-game event seeks to answer the question once and for all, at least for a year. Guardian Games is the latest seasonal event that will pit Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks against one another in an effort to find out which class can come out on top, with the winners being commemorated in the Tower and on in-game cosmetic items.

The Guardian Games trailer gives a good look at the overall aesthetic for the event, which clearly pulls influence from the real-life Olympic Games.

Running from April 21 to May 12 at the weekly reset, the three-week event free for all players will require players to be at least 770 Power to participate. Players will get “Medals” from event host Eva Levante and turn them in to the Tower Podium once completed to increase their class’ score. An item called “Laurels” will drop in various activities and picking these up can help complete the Medals. Eva will also have a weekly Exotic quest for special class-based ghosts, and you can get all three by completing all three weekly quests during the event.

During the event, the main Tower Podium will change daily to show which Guardian class is currently in the lead. Class Flags around the Tower and equippable Class Items will also change to Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on what place your class is in. At the end of the event, the looks of the Class Items will lock for the rest of the year to show what place each class came in.

Guardian Games will also give players a chance to earn the Heir Apparent Exotic heavy machine gun, though specific details on how to get it haven’t yet been revealed. If it’s like past event Exotics, it will be available from Eva after some participation in the event. And of course everyone’s favorite Eververse item shop will have paid Guardian Games loot that players can pick up for real money, including a couple of ships, sparrows, and other exclusive cosmetics.

Completing the weekly quest will allow players to purchase the Guardian Games Box via Bungie Rewards, a box of physical items such as a pin, pennants, and other gear for you to sport in the real world.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games

There are a few important things to note about the event. Players must have the Guardian Games Class Item equipped to progress any Guardian Games bounties. Players must complete and turn in at least one medal in order to pick up Eva’s daily reward package. These reward packages do not stack, so players must pick them up when they are earned. Laurels must be picked up to count and will not be sent to the postmaster if unrecovered.

The frivolity of a class-based Guardian competition comes as an impending doom starts closing in on Destiny 2’s world, and as speculation rises that Bungie might be about to destroy the Titan patrol zone altogether. Guardian Games was also the last major event on the Season of the Worthy roadmap, so what’s coming for the rest of the season after it ends is a mystery.

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