Cuphead PS4 Appears in International PSN Listings, Suggesting a PS4 Version is Incoming


There seems to be a possibility that Cuphead, the 1930s cartoon-inspired platformer from StudioMDHR, may soon make its way to the PlayStation 4. The game’s been spotted on the PlayStation Store via international listings. While the listing itself apparently won’t load, there is no mistaking Cuphead’s key art icon under a “New Games” tag.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted the listing, then shared the following screenshot in a tweet:

In a subsequent tweet, Wario64 calls attention to recent a post from Geoff Keighley. The tweet from The Game Awards creator teases that “one of our favorite indie game studios” has a “special update” to share tomorrow at 8:00am PST during Summer Game Fest. That’s right around the time the weekly PSN update happens, which could mean the announcement comes out to be “Cuphead is available now on the PS Store.” Though the timing seems right, this could be little more than a coincidence. Regardless, we’ll find out for certain pretty soon.

Cuphead originally released in September 2017 on the PC and Xbox One. The notoriously difficult platformer hit the Nintendo Switch about two years later in spring 2019. There’s even a version of Cuphead that players can enjoy in their Tesla, which went live late last year. After all of these releases, it seemed only a matter of time that the game would make its way to PS4.

Ahead of the title’s initial 2017 release, StudioMDHR confirmed Cuphead would remain exclusive to the PC and Xbox One. Given the Nintendo Switch and Tesla launches, perhaps a PS4 version isn’t as farfetched as it once seemed? Should Cuphead remain out of reach for PlayStation fans, however, it’s possible the Cuphead-inspired Enchanted Portals will one day scratch a similar itch.

[Source: PlayStation Store via Wario64 on Twitter]

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