Control’s Upcoming Assist Mode Will Allow Players to Turn Off Dying


Players complained. Remedy Entertainment listened. Although Control released to critical acclaim, a significant number of players took issue with the game’s checkpoint system which, coupled with its difficulty, had some folks pulling their hair.

As previously announced, the new Assist Mode will bring with it a host of accessibility options that including new control points in some of the game’s toughest missions, and “soft checkpoints” in certain areas. Remedy revealed that the Assist Mode will allow players to tailor the experience to suit their needs because “it’s important to us that as many people as possible get to experience Control the way they want.”

Players can control how much damage Jesse deals and takes, how fast her energy regenerates, how fast her weapon reloads, and whether she dies or not. You read that right. Players will be able to turn dying off completely. Remedy has yet to reveal whether this will have any impact on trophies and achievements but we’ll find out in due course. Nevertheless, the Assist Mode is sure to open the game up to new audiences, and with a cross-gen Ultimate Edition on the horizon, Remedy hopes to achieve another sales milestone.

Speaking of milestones, Remedy revealed in its latest financial report that Control continues to experience a “good level” of sales, thanks in part to marketing and PR activities. The game, which was developed in three years with a budget of less than €30 million, is already a commercial success.

Will our readers pick up Control after it receives the Assist Mode?

[Source: Destructoid]

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