Code Vein’s Next DLC, Frozen Empress, Launches For PS4 Tomorrow


Continuing the rollout of content as part of Code Vein’s DLC roadmap, the next addition is coming very soon. Titled Frozen Empress, this additional DLC will be available to download for PS4 tomorrow, February 26, 2020. As the name suggests, the add-on will focus on an icy theme with chilling enemies to defeat. You’ll be able to earn rewards through the new Horror Hunting Trials, such as more cosmetic customization options and a new batch of weapons. Frozen Empress will be available as part of Code Vein’s Season Pass at no additional charge, or for $9.99 separately.

Below, you’ll find a slideshow of Frozen Empress’ new screenshots, courtesy of Bandai Namco:

One of the DLC’s highlights is the inclusion of the Frozen Empress, herself. She’ll use elemental ice attacks against you, so make sure you bring the necessary items with you to come out on top. During your battle with the empress, you’ll have the opportunity to earn various bonuses. For instance, if you defeat her using a Halberd and don’t let your health reach 0 any more than three times, you can earn the Blood Mist Halberd. Completing other challenges will reward you with various bonuses, giving you lots of reasons to experiment with different play styles.

But what good is Code Vein DLC if it doesn’t include more weapons? Frozen Empress has you covered with the following four weapons, all of which can have ice elemental bonuses when using a charged attack:

  • Bayonet
  • Two-handed sword
  • Halberd
  • Hammer

The DLC will also bring a new Depth Field called Celestial Ice Prison. Exploring this dungeon-like structure will be difficult, but doing so will give you a chance to find even more goodies only available in Frozen Empress.

Code Vein is available on PS4 right now, along with its Season Pass featuring two DLCs and lots of free content.

[Source: Bandai Namco]

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