Co-Op Shooter Outriders Gets Brief Clips Showcasing Classes and Their Powers


Square Enix and People Can Fly have shared brief gameplay clips from their upcoming cross-gen shooter, Outriders, showcasing its classes and their powers.

Without further ado, check them out below.

Outriders will have four classes but only three of them have been revealed so far: Devastator, Pyromancer, and Trickster. The developer describes them as follows:

  • The Devastator – a powerful class that makes brute force feel elegant. From gravity manipulation to impenetrable armor, it’s all about getting close to targets so you can deal maximum damage.
  • The Pyromancer – the perfect choice for anyone who thinks they’re hot stuff, the Pyromancer uses fire and flames to devastate crowds of enemies and control the battlefield.
  • The Trickster – a fast, maneuverable class that uses speed and time manipulation to cut down enemies. It’s great for getting in behind foes quickly and delivering powerful precision attacks.

Outriders will release in holiday 2020 for current-gen and next-gen platforms. You can preorder the game on Amazon now.

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