Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Ditching Prestige System, Will Feature ‘Officer Ranks’ Seasonal Progression


2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is chock full of changes across its various modes. The gritty reboot is said to be more grounded, feature more realistic warfare, day-one cross-play support, and will not include loot boxes. Another substantial change will come to its online player-progression, with the multiplayer mode totally ditching its Prestige system from previous installments. Instead, it will feature Officer Ranks, which will provide a seasonal ranking system and tons to unlock. Gone are the days of losing your progress when you get to rank 55. So let’s dive into the details of how progression in Modern Warfare will work and what sorts of changes to expect.

While playing, you have the ability to unlock Killstreaks, various loadout options, Field Upgrades, and weapons throughout the preliminary levels known as Enlisted Ranks. You can earn permanent rewards through these ranks, giving you various weapon attachments and cosmetic skins that stick with you throughout your Modern Warfare career. Keep in mind, the progress you’ve made throughout the Enlisted Ranks will not reset. Nothing functional will re-lock, and you will have everything you’ve earned as part of the Enlisted Ranks, permanently.

You start as a rank 1 Private in the Enlisted Ranks, which works similarly to the way it did in older games. You play matches, complete challenges, and gain XP just like you’d expect. Once you reach rank 55 Command Sergeant Major V, you can progress to the Officer Ranks, a seasonal progression system that features rewards and 100 ranks to make your way through during that season. You progress through Officer Ranks by earning XP like before, but this time, you unlock special Officer Challenges as you gain ranks.

Completing these Officer Challenges will earn you additional XP and a Seasonal Ribbon. You get rewarded with a Season Emblem for completing a set of 10 Seasonal Ribbons, serving as proof for completing that seasons’ challenges, with additional challenges evolving the reward even further. If you don’t have a way to brag to your friends, is it even worth it? When Modern Warfare launches, you’ll have the ability to reach Officer Rank 1 once you get through the initial 55 Enlisted Ranks. Everyone starts at the same Officer Rank at the beginning of each season, making it balanced for everyone.

And similar to previous Call of Duty installments, you’ll have various ways to earn XP through Challenge Missions. These tasks will give you the opportunity to explore parts of the game you might ignore otherwise. Each season will add more Challenge Missions, too, keeping things fresh.

Finally, let’s talk weapons: As you get kills with each weapon, you’ll earn XP for them, and gain levels. Each level will grant you a new attachment or reward such as a new Optic, Muzzle, stock, or camouflage. You’ll also have the ability to unlock weapon camos by completing challenges, so get to shootin’!

Activision and Infinity Ward have lots of plans for post-launch content, including a number of planned seasons with their own respective Officer Rank progression track. Once the season ends, your seasonal Officer Rank (not to be confused with Enlisted Rank) progression resets, allowing you to go through the next series of levels during the next season. Clearly, there will be no shortage of things to do in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. You can still preorder your copy from Amazon. What do you think of the game’s new seasonal progression system? Does it sound enticing? Let us know!

[Source: Activision]

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