Bungie Says It Began to ‘Incubate the Potential’ for New Titles and Talent Three Years Ago


Bungie CEO Pete Parsons has revealed that the developer began to “incubate the potential” for new titles and talent about three years ago – prior to its split from publishing giant, Activision.

Speaking to Metro, Parsons said that although Bungie’s main focus is making games, the incubations also revolve around the process of building talented teams that are able to work together and “create magical things.” He gave the example of M.E Chung, who previously designed Destiny‘s social systems and is now leading a new project.

“I was actually just on the phone right before we called with one of our incubation leads around their project,” Parsons teased. “I think you will be pretty excited. I wish I could say more, but I think you will be pretty excited.”

Bungie has been pretty diplomatic about its split from Activision in 2019. Past reports have claimed that its developers breathed a sigh of relief but both companies have said that they maintain a cordial relationship. However, Bungie has made no secret of the fact that it wanted creative freedom that it didn’t have under a publisher.

“It is about the creative freedom to build the worlds that we want to build, that connect people globally, across any platform, and from all walks of life,” Parsons explained. “That is actually a huge deal for us. So, when you are limited in that way – and once again, I am not going to throw shade at anybody – but when you are limited in that way, it really presents a challenge creatively to a team.”

While we don’t know what Bungie’s working on, we know that it filed a trademark for something called Matter in 2018. No further details are available yet.

[Source: Metro]

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