BioShock Creator’s New Project is Now in the ‘Later Stages’ of Development


Several years ago, BioShock creator Ken Levine founded Ghost Story Games. Details about what the team is working on remain scarce, but we know the project is an immersive sim. Regardless of the finer bits of information, though, one thing just became clear. Ghost Story Games’ debut title is currently in the “later stages of development.”

This update comes by way of a job listing for a Producer role on Take-Two’s website, Take-Two being the studio’s owner. The listing reaffirms word that the project in question is an immersive sci-fi title with RPG elements. Ghost Story Games’ write-up then notes, “we haven’t announced any details yet because we are still in later stages of production.” An estimation as to when development might wrap up presently remains unknown.

The job listing goes on to state that the studio employs about 35 people. Ghost Story Games does not run on “arbitrary timelines,” either. The focus instead centers on judging a product by its quality. A commitment to quality also presents itself in the developer’s open communication policy, which emphasizes a flat structure of communication and “team-based decision making.”

In 2014, a year after BioShock Infinite’s release, Ken Levine began “winding down Irrational Games.” By early 2017, 12 of the studio’s former staffers had set up shop in Boston as Ghost Story Games. Their stated goal was clear: “Create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them.” Evidently, such a mission statement remains central to the company’s plans going forward.

News about the future of BioShock has been shared piecemeal over the years, too. At least fans now know that another entry is in the works at 2K’s new Cloud Chamber studio. Job listings from this summer indicate the next installment will take players somewhere beyond the confines of Rapture and Columbia.

[Source: Take-Two Careers via Wccftech]

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