Bethesda Clarifies That Future Fallout 76 Seasons Content Updates Will Be Free


In a world of season passes and year-long content roll-outs, it isn’t out of the question to wonder how and what the price of said content will be. This gets even stickier when it comes to “Games As a Service” styled games that attempt to provide huge chunks of content for older games, akin to Destiny, Fortnite, and especially Fallout 76. Publisher Bethesda made a big announcement last week in regards to the 2020 roadmap for the MMO/survival action game and showcased multiple major content drops coming in the horizon. What wasn’t mentioned by the release was any kind of potential price. Bethesda has clarified this statement now, providing some welcome transparency where usually there is smoke and mirrors. Have no fear, as Bethesda clarified that future Fallout 76 Seasons content updates will be free.

This welcome news helps clear up a sticking point for many on forums such as the Fallout 76 subreddit where players wondered what, if anything, these new pieces of content might cost. After all, being free isn’t always a given, with the recent Civilization VI roadmap announcement being a perfect example of a developer planning long-term content that’s a mix of free and paid. Also important to note that the Fallout 76 premium “Atomic Shop” store is not cheap, with new cosmetic items coming fairly regularly but always at a high price. I’ll admit, I just bought the log cabin set that included multiple wallpapers and an actual constructible cabin, and sank twenty bucks in microtransactions to do so. So if you’re curious as to why the whole of the Fallout 76 Seasons content roadmap is going to be free this may very well be the best explanation.

This is good news for people weary of Fallout 76 and its past mistakes, as free stuff always brings people back around. Keep your eyes peeled for future announcements as to when the first Seasons content update will come and maybe consider throwing a few Atoms Bethesda’s way as thanks.

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