Become an Astronaut in Deliver Us The Moon on Consoles This April


Developer KeokeN Interactive’s Deliver Us The Moon finally has a concrete console launch date. The sci-fi thriller will come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in a few weeks on April 24th. A Nintendo Switch release for the Wired Productions-published adventure will go on sale on an unspecified date this summer.

Check out Deliver Us The Moon’s newly release accolades trailer in the following video:

Two editions of the thriller, Standard and Deluxe, will be available for purchase digitally and physically. The Deluxe Edition, specifically, will cost $29.99, packing in the game, 100-page digital art book, and the original soundtrack.

Deliver Us The Moon tells the tale of a near future reality where the vast majority of Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. Desperate for a quick solution, many of the world’s nations align to form the World Space Agency. With this ambitious move in place, world leaders devise plans to extract energy resources from the surface of the moon.

For a time, the World Space Agency’s trips to the moon are a boon for humanity’s survival. However, such success is fleeting. One exhibition in particular results in Earth’s losing contact with a group of astronauts who’d been sent to the moon for purposes of colonization. After several years of no word on the team’s fate, world leaders authorize one more exhibition, sending Earth’s last astronaut to uncover the truth. Deliver Us The Moon explores whether this last ditch effort will prove beneficial or result in yet another horrific failure for a desperate world.

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