Banner of the Maid Bringing Tactical French Revolutions West Next Month


Perfect historical accuracy, while commendable, sometimes gets in the way of what can be a rad concept. Banner of the Maid seems to know this and presents a rather unique take on its premise. Set in an alternative late 18th century France, the tactical RPG has you ordering troops around and lining up for classic military tactics. Banner of the Maid came out in China last year, but will finally be making its way to the West on February 14th, 2020.

Banner of the Maid puts you in the role of Pauline Bonaparte, sister to Napoleon Bonaparte and possibly distantly related to Joan of Arc. Pauline is an up and coming officer for the French army, but she is also a “Maid,” which gives her mysterious powers that can turn the tide of battles. How she actually uses these powers will be up to you, as you command your army in various battles across France.

As for gameplay, Banner of the Maid looks like its biggest inspirations are the Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics series. You’ll control generals on the battlefield, and they, in turn, have armies that fight for them. The battle formations make some effort to follow the tactics of the time, with rifleman divisions properly lining up to take shots at each other. As you advance, your generals can learn special abilities that make their troops more effective in combat. Banner of the Maid promises to provide a compelling narrative, deep tactical combat, and a fun twist on history.

Banner of the Maid originally launched on May 28th, 2019, in China. The PC version is available worldwide via Steam, however, there was no English translation so you had to know Chinese to play the game. In addition to bringing the PlayStation 4 version to the West, the PC version will get an update to allow it to be played in English.

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