Apex Legends Lost Treasure Collection Event Launching Soon, Cross-Play Coming This Fall


Respawn’s Apex Legends received plenty of love during the recent EA Play Live digital event. For one, the studio announced a Lost Treasure Collection Event, which will last from June 23rd until next month on July 7th. Steam and Switch versions of the hit shooter were also unveiled, alongside news of cross-play support.

The Lost Treasure Collection Event will usher in a host of new content. Most notably, Apex Legends fans can look forward to a brand-new limited-time mode, up to 24 exclusive cosmetic items, and the Crypto Town Takeover. Respawn teased all of the above in the following trailer for the Lost Treasure Collection Event:

EA Play Live also saw the developer unveil plans for Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Apex Legends, both of which will launch on an unspecified date this fall. Furthermore, cross-play is in the works and also scheduled to roll out during the fall months. When this feature finally goes live, PlayStation 4, Origin, Steam, and Xbox One players will have the option to experience the battle royale together. Additional details on cross-play are expected to emerge in the months ahead, though EA hasn’t yet mentioned how next-gen might figure into this equation. In fact, EA was rather stingy with any next-gen details at all during its EA Play Live broadcast.

Apex Legends originally launched early in 2019. It was nothing short of an overnight success for EA and Respawn. Within its first week, the free-to-play title amassed an impressive 25 million players, with two million concurrents to boot. After a month, Apex Legends had topped a whopping 50 million players, according to player stats at the time. Evidently, Respawn fully plans to continue supporting the game for the foreseeable future, but again, what exactly that means when next-gen consoles roll around this holiday remains to be seen.

[Source: Respawn Entertainment]

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