Apex Legends Looking to Bring Back The Old Ways With New Event Trailer, Duos a Permanent Mode


Nobody respects the old ways anymore, I tell ya. These new mercenaries want to get their multi-kills and 360-no scopes while sliding down a ravine as a robot turret but nobody wants to take the time and effort to do things right. Apex Legends is looking to change that with its The Old Ways lore event, focusing on Bloodhound’s exploits as well as the permanent addition of Duos and new main map rotation. A trailer for the event is out to hype one and all up for the new event, which runs April 7-21.

If you aren’t the type to care about a bevy of new cosmetics in the Direct Purchase Shop then the real highlight of this event is the long-awaited inclusion of Duos as a permanent part of the Apex Legends experience. Duos will sit alongside Trios now and includes the ability to play either mode on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge, long answering the prayers of people who think relying on a three-person team is just too big of an ask.

For those looking to get a bit more lore out of their battle royale experience, the Bloodhound Trials will pit human–and robot–against ravenous beasts. A release by EA says “Dive into Bloodhound’s Trials, where you and your squad battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. But beware the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge those goods for themselves. In moments of quiet, don’t forget to explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side.

apex legends old ways event

The Old Ways includes its own battle pass track and earnable rewards which includes a ton of lore loot and cosmetics straight from the recent digital short. And for those looking for a bit more to do, the legendary skin hunt returns, as well as a full schedule of Premium Shop purchases for you to spend actual, real money on. So, get out there, don’t let your leg become a chew toy, and remember the old ways.

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