Another Online Listing for This Year’s Call of Duty Surfaces Under Familiar Codename


In June, supposed key art for this year’s Call of Duty entry surfaced courtesy of a listing in PSN’s backend. The content ID attached to the information suggests Call of Duty 2020 is going by “The Red Door” codename. This very same codename is making the rounds once again, this time through a Microsoft Store listing. On the storefront, “The Red Door” appears with its own Xbox Live page, complete with an art asset and cryptic synopsis.

See a screenshot of “The Red Door” listing below:

call of duty the red door

Apart from the codename and odd description, which may or may not serve as a legitimate clue, the listing seems to check out. The page marks “The Red Door” as a “Shooter” from Activision Publishing Inc, for instance. There exists no further details of note, apart from the bottom of the page indicating a 81.65GB file size on Xbox One.

July is nearing its end, yet Activision remains silent about what this year’s Call of Duty installment entails. It didn’t receive so much as a hint at either Microsoft’s or Sony’s game showcases earlier in the summer, either. Perhaps there’s something in store for Microsoft’s upcoming event on July 23rd? We’ll know for certain in just one week’s time. However, a recent leak claims Activision is unlikely to unveil anything before August.

Another batch of leaks seem to corroborate rumors about Call of Duty 2020’s Cold War setting. According to the rumors in question, fans can look forward to a project named Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. But, as is always the case, speculation both old and new should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

[Source: Microsoft Store via VG247]

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