5 tips to brawl without limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds


Coming down the aisle, hailing from 2K, this is Executive Producer Sean “The Slayer” O’Connor! I’m stepping between the ropes today to give you some exclusive tips to help you become an unbeatable brawler when WWE 2K Battlegrounds, out today on PS4. 

Whether you’re brawling with your family, your friends, or challengers online, these tips are sure to give you the upper hand when the bell rings.

5 tips to brawl without limits in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Tag in the Crocodile

Some arenas have interactive environments that let you deal extra damage to your opponent. One of my favorites is the crocodile in The Everglades. Carry your opponent over to the side of the ring by the croc, and you’ll be prompted to throw them over the top rope right into its waiting jaws. Careful not to get too close! That hungry reptile will take a bite out of anyone that walks by.

Be the GOAT with the Ram

Other arenas in WWE 2K Battlegrounds have special items you can use to your advantage. In the Mexico arena, you will find a remote-controlled ram. Yes. You read that right. Jump out of the ring, find the controller sitting in the crowd, press L1, and you’ll be able to gain control of the ram and bring the pain to all of your opponents.

Power-Ups are Your Friends

Imagine if your favorite Superstar could have power-ups in the ring. In WWE 2K Battlegrounds, they do! Power-ups become available as your power meter fills up. Once a power-up is available press left, right or up on the d-pad. Each direction will activate a different level of power-up. But don’t rush it; The longer you wait for your power bar to fill, the more power-ups you will gain the ability to use. What power-ups you ask? Health regeneration, and making your strikes unblockable, are just two examples. You can choose different power-ups on the character selection screen and unlock them throughout the game.  

Use ALL the Weapons

There are NO disqualifications in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Take advantage of that. You’ll find plenty of weapons hidden under the ring, and in the crowd. As soon as the match starts, exit the ring and press X near the apron to grab a weapon. Once you’ve got just the right one for the job, slide back into the ring by holding L1. Afraid of going under the ring? That’s okay. The crowd will toss weapons out for you to pick up, too. Grab one of those with L1. But be warned: weapons aren’t forever and will break after a few good smacks. You can add weapons in the Battlegrounds creator and turn them on or off in the options menu before a match.

Don’t Ignore the Crowd

The WWE Universe knows what they want, and the crowd in WWE 2K Battlegrounds is no different. They will call out for certain actions during a match and, if you listen, you will earn extra points to get your crowd meter up. Do right by them and the crowd will begin to cheer and get behind your Superstar, which actually helps you when performing a pin or submission. But don’t take your new fans for granted; You will lose crowd support if you stand around too long without laying the smackdown on your opponent. Make sure to taunt or fight to keep the crowd on your side!

Finish the Match with Your Finishing Move

A finisher often means the end of a match in WWE, and the same goes for WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Once your heat meter fills up, you can use your finisher or signature move by pressing the left and right trigger buttons at the same time. Need to fill your heat meter? It goes up whenever you take damage, deal out damage, and taunt your opponent. But be careful: You will use up some heat when countering a move, so it may be more advantageous to take some damage so you can get your signature/finisher.

Play Your Class Right

There are five different classes in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and each has different strengths. Make sure to play to your advantages.

  • Technician: A specialist in wrestling technique and unrivaled at submitting opponents. You’ve got the strongest throws and submissions.
  • High-Flyer: A specialist in aerial maneuvers, including jumping off the ropes and turnbuckles. You’ve got the highest speed and stamina.
  • Powerhouse: The strongest Superstars that use their strength to perform powerful moves. You have the most health.
  • Brawler: A bruising specialist that excels at strikes. You’ve got the strongest kicks and are the best at using weapons.
  • All-Rounder: A master of all styles with spectacular combos and the ability to quickly win the crowd’s favor. You also have the best running hits.

So, are you ready to Brawl Without Limits? With these tips in your back pocket, I think you are. And that’s the bottom line. I’ll see you in the ring!

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