17th Century-Set Roguelike Rogue Lords Revealed for Consoles and PC


Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood remains in development, but Cyanide Studio has another project in the works that it is ready to unveil. Alongside development partner Leikir Studio and publisher Nacon, Cyanide Studio just revealed Rogue Lords. A roguelike set in 17th Century New England, Rogue Lords will launch on as yet unspecified date for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Game Director Jeremie Monedero conceptualized the idea for Rogue Lords several years ago with Cyanide Studio, according to Art Director Camille Lisoir. While neither Cyanide nor the team at Leikir Studio is prepared to show off footage just yet, an overview of what Rogue Lords will have on offer certainly warrants attention.

In this 17th Century-set roguelike, humans and “diabolical entities” live amongst one another. The protagonist isn’t hero, though. Rather, Cyanide’s new adventure will star the Devil. Weakened by a horrible loss, the fallen angel means to obtain his power once more.

To achieve his malevolent ends, the Devil must again corrupt mankind, a herculean task given his newfound impotence. Thus, he will do what he does best when attempting to sow corruption–assemble a group of like-minded rogues. The Devil’s Disciples of Evil include Baron Samedi, Bloody Mary, Dracula, and the White Lady.

Players will experience all of the above on a 3D map, deciding how best to proliferate the Devil’s dark intentions through various encounters with Rogue Lords‘ characters. The title will feature turn-based combat, which the Disciples of Evil will partake in at Satan’s command. Akin to other roguelikes, if the enemy bests the player, all progress is lost. The game, then, must start anew. However, there is a devilish twist. When down and out, players will have the option to use the Devil’s special abilities as a cheat in the game’s interface. Should all work in their favor, the player can continue unabated.

[Source: Nacon via Gematsu]

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