Monster Hunter: World got Iceborne, unionisation efforts intensified, and award season is on this week in PC gaming news

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This week, the industry’s still a sleepy after the Christmas holiday but Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion got its delayed PC launch (with a few wrinkles), an American trade union launched a new campaign encouraging unionising the games industry, and Awesome Games Done Quick raised millions for charity with a week of speedrunning. Read on for more of the week’s PC gaming goings-on in our News Digest, and do also check out the Weekly Updates Update for some of the week’s big patches.

Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion is now on PC too

And our Iceborne review says it’s a good’un. However, do be warned: some players are finding it’s deleting their save files. Capcom say they’re investigating reports of performance problems too.

The IGF 2020 finalists are announced

The Independent Games Festival’s Grand Prize list is: Untitled Goose Game, A Short Hike, Eliza, Slay The Spire, and Anodyne 2. We’ve already told you repeatedly that (most of) those are great, so it’s good to see our sound judgment validated too.

An American trade union launched a games industry campaign

The Communications Workers of America initiative plans to use their experience and resources to help burgeoning efforts to shift the balance of power in this troubled industry.

Glaad announced their second year of Media Awards games nominees

And the group (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) still have a terrible eye for celebrating tokenism while overlooking so many great queer games.

Awesome Games Done Quick came back

Started last Sunday, the week-long speedrunning bonanza ended this morning. The livestreamed celebration of playing games extremely quickly raised a whopping $3,132,902.78 (£2.4m) the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Our Imogen pointed out a few great runs earlier in the week and I imagine we’ll highlight more now it’s done.

Freebie corner: Sundered on the Epic Games Store

That’s the 2017 hand-drawn metroidvania our former John (RPS in peace) declared “completely wonderful”.

Team 17 bought Yipee Entertainment

It’s not a hugely exciting acquisition but hey, that’s business for you.

Platinum scored investment from Tencent

The makers of Bayonetta and Nier: Automata say they want to explore self-publishing their own games.

Rune 2’s publisher gained the game’s code

Developers Human Head Studios shut down with no notice then essentially reformed as a new studio under Bethesda, leaving Rune 2 high and dry. The publishers had to get legal to get control of the source so they could continue supporting it.

Fantasy Flight Interactive shutting down

The digital arm of the tabletop gaming company are behind The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Card Game, which will stay up and running after their demise.

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