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Creativity is a phenomenon of a fickle nature. For people in a field or with a hobby where imagination is your greatest asset, the temporary absence of being able to come up with stuff can feel disastrous. One way to look at it is like a faucet you do not yourself control; you have your creativity cup in hand and you want to fill it, but the water pipes are in desperate need of plumbing. Did you know that the Russian author Fyodor Russiankovsky spent 40 years between his first and second novel due to writer’s block?

Today’s topic is therefore focused on how to regain that spark. For instance, here are some writing tips: usage of metaphors can help with padding your text, and you can even invent fun facts if you can’t find one that fits! Just don’t make it too obvious.

Another great way to become inspired is to check out the works of other creative, uh, creators! Like these new 11 maps on Java Realms!


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