GB’s Tower Arena! [Minigame] In Minecraft

Minecraft, Popular Games

Welcome to my tower arena, here you will face 5 bosses, 1 for each floor, you can also choose various weapon kits to fight them are you ready to dive in the battle and test your fighting skills agaisnt strong bosses? 

This map includes:

Custom Music for each boss

Custom weapons (not replacing Vanilla weapons)

Custom bosses (Not replacing Vanilla Mobs)

Level 1: Overworld

Level 2: The Cave

Level 3: Underwater

Level 4: The Nether

Level 5: End Dimension

Level ???: Unknown

Hint: found somewhere in the map


Get any updates about my maps or anything I post on my Twitter!



There’s also available free skin pack for the map to download so you can play as the main characters, it’s optional to use it when playing the map!

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