When does Fortnite Chapter 2, season 7 start?

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Fortnite Chapter Two, season six is underway. And while you may think you have a while before you need to start worrying about season seven, there are already hints at when to expect it.

Typically seasons in Fortnite run for about two to three months, but there has been a large enough range between different seasons that it’s sometimes difficult to speculate when a season might start or end. 

Luckily for us, the official Fortnite website laid out the length of Fortnite’s latest season.

Chapter 2, season six, which started earlier this week, will end on June 7. That gives players two months and three weeks to grind their way through the current battle pass.

Based on the way Fortnite is typically quick to release new seasons after one ends, it’s safe to assume we’ll see Chapter Two, season seven no more than a couple days after June 7. 

The only event that could potentially prevent Chapter Two, season seven from starting on that date would be an expected delay by Epic Games or lengthy server maintenance.

Additionally, Epic has shown it’s not afraid to shut Fortnite down for an extended period of time as part of one of its in-game events. Prior to the start of Chapter Two, Fortnite’s Black Hole event left players unable to play the game for a day.

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