Fortnite fans think The Rock is The Foundation after Instagram post

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Fortnite has had crossovers with just about every franchise you can imagine, and now fans think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be the next addition to the game. According to some conspiratorially minded Redditors, The Rock could be behind one of the season’s most important but mysterious characters known as The Foundation.

The speculation first started when Fortnite’s season 6 cutscene was released. In the cutscene, Agent Jones is met by a mysterious new character called The Foundation. But outside of his role in this season’s story, some fans noticed that he bears more than a passing resemblance to The Rock. Matteoiceman on Reddit even put the two side by side just to make the similarities extra clear.

While the looks alone might have been enough to fuel Redditors, The Rock himself added to the speculation with an Instagram post on March 16, the day Fortnite season 6 started. In the post, The Rock says that March 16 is a very important day and that he wanted to be sure to post this because of how much it meant to certain people — though he doesn’t actually say who those people are.

The entire post is strange and mysterious, and more than a little vague, until he gets to the end and says the words, “The Foundation,” which fans are taking a dead giveaway that he is indeed playing the character in Fortnite.

One thing that might have prevented The Rock coming to Fortnite in the past was the kinds of skins that Epic Games had been introducing. Over the last couple of years, Fortnite has had plenty of crossover events with dozens of skins and outfits licensed from popular games, movies, comics, and TV shows, although it hadn’t done much with real people. However, season 6’s battle pass outfit is of international soccer superstar Neymar Jr.

With Fornite now branching out into athletes, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine The Rock inside the game. On top of that, he’d have some fantastic alternate style options, like Pro Wrestler…

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