Good News Guardians, You Can Start Cleaning Out Your Destiny 2 Vaults of Unused Armor

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A while back, we learned that Destiny 2 would indeed be getting a full transmog system, allowing players to make their armor look like any of their earned pieces of armor. The question on many players’ minds at the time was if the transmog system would require players to have that piece of gear in inventory or if it would pull from collections. Good news, you can start clearing your vault of all that unused old armor you are keeping around “just in case.” Luke Smith has confirmed that the transmog system, when introduced, will pull the data from your collections.

Smith answered this question on a TwitchGaming stream where he was being asked questions about Destiny 2, Beyond Light, and the future of the franchise. You can watch the short exchange below:

“What we’re doing with transmog… you’re not going to have to have the copy in your inventory,” Smith says. “You can just delete all that shit. We’re going to scrape your account data.” Smith stops short of detailing the entire transmog system, but says the things that will be eligible will be things you’ve collected across your journey, not just what you have on hand.

“As you’re getting ready for Beyond Light, if you want to just delete a bunch of old shit that you were keeping because you wanted to look sweet; that old Ego Talon IV Warlock helmet—still probably my favorite Warlock helmet in the game—I can delete that. I don’t need to keep that around.”

Community Manager Dylan Gaffner further confirmed this on Twitter, telling Guardians to go and clear up some Vault space.

He went on to remind players that Transmog is not coming with Beyond Light and is currently planned for a future season.

Even with 500 inventory slots available, many longtime players who have been running three characters since the beginning of Destiny 2 have a lot of items taking up space. Each new season’s added weapons and gear often require a shuffling of the inventory and hard choices about which pieces you can afford to say goodbye to, despite probably not using the vast majority of them (I’m in this picture and I don’t like it). If there’s anything you are hanging onto purely for looks in anticipation of Transmog, free yourself of its shackles and turn it into a few Legendary Shards.

Bungie also dropped a whole lot of information on Beyond Light today and how the economy will work with destinations going away and multiple other changes being made. You can dive into the nitty gritty in this week’s This Week at Bungie blog post.

And finally in Destiny news, Bungie dropped a new trailer for Beyond Light this morning, the big epic launch trailer, full of action and set to a great cover of “Paint it Black.” It’s well worth a watch to get the hype train rolling. There aren’t a ton of new reveals in it, but it does have some tantalizing teases of characters and moments that we haven’t seen before.

Earlier this week, Bungie released a 15-minute ViDoc for Beyond Light for those hoping for something a bit more in-depth. The ViDoc also covers the Season of the Hunt storyline which appears to be absent from this launch trailer.

Are you happy to start clearing out your Vault? How much free space do you currently have? Let us know in the comments.

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