Your favourite gaming mouse (and loads of other Logitech bits) are going real cheap today


Last year, you voted the Logitech G502 as your favourite gaming mouse of all time, and it’s on sale today here in the UK, dropping from its usual price of around £60 (which has been more like £80 in recent months) down to a positively bargain-tastic £38. I’ll take five!

That’s not the only great Logitech deal on today, either, as Amazon’s big tech sale has discounts on loads of other Logitech mice, keyboards and headsets. Let’s take a look.

Starting with Logitech’s G502 gaming mouse, the version on sale is technically the black and white ‘West European’ model rather than the usual all-black one pictured up the top there, but this is still a great deal all the same considering how much a G502 Hero mouse normally costs. The all-black one, for example, still goes for £57 at time of writing, giving you a decent saving of around £20.

That’s not the only Logitech gaming mouse on sale, though, as the super cheap Logitech G203 Lightsync is also being discounted today, along with some of their more upmarket G402 and G403 gaming mice and four of their older wireless mice. I’ve listed them all below, along with their original prices so you can see how much you’re saving.

There are also two Logitech keyboards on sale today covering both ends of the price spectrum. First up is the spill-resistant G213 Prodigy, which has hybrid-style ‘mech-dome keys’ according to Logitech, and the other one is Logitech’s more upmarket G910 Orion Spectrum, which is a full mechanical keyboard with their Romer-G tactile keys.

Finally, there are four headsets on sale, too, including the stereo version of our top gaming headset recommendation, the Logitech G332, and the wireless Logitech G935. The former is a particular steal right now, as this is the cheapest it’s been since February, according to my Amazon price tracker, where it fell to £35. Since then, it’s been stuck around the £45, or has just been plain out of stock.

Meanwhile, if you’re after something a bit fancier than the G332, then Logitechs’s G635 is effectively just a wired version of their excellent G935 headset. I haven’t tested the former, but I had plenty of nice things to say about the latter in my Logitech G935 Wireless review when I tested it last year.

That said, even at their current deal prices, I’d probably still urge you to go with one of Logitech’s G Pro headsets instead. The regular G Pro is currently £74 right now, while the excellent G Pro X is still its regular price of £110. While it’s a bit more expensive than the G935, I reckon it’s definitely worth spending the extra £7 on, as you not only get a considerably longer battery life with the G Pro X, but you also get a much higher quality microphone thanks to its brilliant Blue Voice tech. For more info, check out our best gaming headsets list.

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