Torchlight 3 shows off its spirit-summoning sharpshooter class


Torchlight 3, which was previously known as Torchlight Frontiers before it pivoted back to the series’ singleplayer roots, has put out a trailer showing off the first of its playable classes. Every hack an’ slash ’em up is required to have a primarily ranged class so come take a gander at it. The sharpshooter appears to wield a bow, gun, and—wait, spirits? Alright then.

The sharpshooter starts off with plenty of skills you’d expect to see in an action dungeon crawler. She’s got arrows that knock enemies backwards to help maintain her distance. She has a bow shot that simultaneously fires a cone of a dozen arrows. There are explosive shots, a hail of arrows area of effect attack. You know the stuff.

What’s a little more interesting is her ability to summon spirits, turning her into more of a druid type of class. At one point she turns into some sort of spectral form before retreating from a few enemies. She sics a greenish tumble of what might be corpses that fly in a line towards some unprepared skeletons. There are barrages of ice and fire as well. Ah, and some little goblin familiars keeping enemies occupied at melee range.

Echtra Games announced just a couple months back that they’d be pulling away from the free to play online format that was planned for Torchlight’s future. Even with this change, Torchlight 3 may still not be exactly the shakeup from Diablo’s format that you might hope for. That said, it’s going to be quite a while before Diablo 4 is ready so perhaps the sharpshooter and Torchlight’s other classes will be an appropriate diversion.

Torchlight 3 is planned for release this summer but no official date has been given. You can wishlist Torchlight 3 over on Steam.

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