The Outsiders Halts Development On Darkborn


Developer The Outsiders, a Stockholm-based indie studio founded by former Payday 2 and Battlefield talent, has announced it is halting development on Darkborn, the dark fantasy title it initially announced as Project Wight. Just over a year ago, the studio shared gameplay footage where you play as a Grendel-like monster capable of brutalizing those who would hunt you. The footage was promising and exciting, but unfortunately the game does not look like it will come to fruition.

The good news is the statement released by the studio says it is working on “something new. Something awesome. Something we really love.” While we will likely have to wait a while to see what that “something new” is, you can learn more about what Darkborn was planned to be, or watch the gameplay trailer for what could have been below.

 [Source: The Outsiders on Twitter]

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