Story game celebration LudoNarraCon kicks off today


Heads up, story-liking folks. Narrative game celebration LudoNarraCon is kicking off its weekend of game developer panels and game demos today. Story games big and small are offering up demos, sales, and some insight into how they’re created. You’ll be able to catch livestreams and talks from today through Monday, April 27th.

“Fans of weird and interesting narrative games will be able to join together in a digital space to hear news about exciting upcoming games, play demos, and hear from talented creators!” say the con’s organisers. You can catch livestreams on the con’s Steam page where they’ll continue to be aired throughout the weekend in case you miss one.

There seems to be a good lineup of neat talks to catch. The event will be hosting developer chats on localisation, writing for games based on repetition, storytelling without dialogue, and lots of other story game goodness. In addition to panel-style talks, exhibiting developers are also hosting livestreams and wot not on their own store pages. Mutazione devs Die Gute Fabrik appear to be doing some developer commentary gameplay, for instance.

Along with imparting knowledge, you’ll of course want to try out some of the games folks are talking about. LundoNarraCon says that there are over 20 demos to play during the event (some which have been available during other events like the Steam Spring Game Festival) along with over 50 narrative games on sale. Some of the demos are for recently-released and upcoming games like spy adventure Over The Alps, cozy life-sim Garden Story, and archaeological jaunt Heaven’s Vault.

Although LudoNarraCon was already a digital event, lots of other events are going online too. Among them, Steam is hosting another Steam Games Festival this summer during what would have been E3 week.

You can find out more about LudoNarraCon and the planned talks on their website and catch all the livestreams and sales themselves over on Steam.

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