Stone age farmlife sim Roots Of Pacha announced for next year


Anyone else have a sticky note of games they’ve got an eye on called “Stardew but…”? Just me? Alright, well here’s a Stardew but stone age game just announced called Roots Of Pacha. Even I grow slightly weary of pastoral anywheresville so I quite like seeing the farm and life sim trend breaking ground in new settings. Look, instead of cows you have big bison things. Cute! Pacha’s announcement trailer shows off all the farmlife sim activities you know and grind.

“Discover crops, befriend animals, become the first farmer, participate in festivals, and find love to grow your legacy,” say Soda Den. Hear that? Not just any farmer, the first farmer. Looks like Pacha will have all the other expected bits and bobs for farmlife sims nowabouts: festivals, marriage, mining, fishing. You know how it goes. Soda Den say you’ll also be able to co-op your ancient farm with up to three friends.

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I do quite like how the early civilization setting justifies some things that I find silly in yer Stardews and wot not. Why do I have to craft an axe with my own damn hands? Surely there’s an Amazon equivalent run by Joja Corp that could deliver me one to my door. Yes, I know the real answer is that crafting is still a popular to do.

Anyhoos, it makes more sense that these ancient humans would need to make all this stuff by hand, which I appreciate. Everything is so fresh and ready to be discovered. What are tomatoes? Plant ’em and find out! It looks like Pacha will also have some sort of irrigation system which is a neat bit. They say you’ll also be able to add new folks to your village by inviting them from other clans.

Roots Of Pacha has only just been announced, so there’s no release date to go along with all the info yet. Soda Den say it’s planned for early 2021. You can find and wishlist it on Steam until then.

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