Sony: PlayStation 5 Processing Is ‘100 Times Faster’ Than PS4


In a recent corporate strategy meeting, Sony quantified the processing power of the PlayStation 5, and in particular, how vital the system’s solid state hard drive (SSD) is to the system’s gaming experience.

Sony Corporation president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said via his presentation, “In order to further enhance the sense of immersion in games, we expect to improve not just the resolution, but the speed of games. For example, through a custom‐designed high‐speed SSD, we plan to realize game data processing speeds that are approximately 100-times faster than PS4. Game load times should be much shorter, and players should be able to move through immense game worlds in almost an instant.”

During a tech-heavy PlayStation 5 presentation a few months ago, system architect Mark Cerny described the absolute importance of the PS5’s SSD, demonstrating how it would not only improve load times, but also give developers ways to improve the layout of their worlds and how players experience them.

Sony and its partners are expected to reveal more details regarding PlayStation 5 games soon, so hopefully we’ll further understand how the system’s SSD and processing power benefits games.

[Source: Sony via Gamespot]

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