Snakeybus adds a multiplayer mode that lets you shoot rockets at other bus snakes


Snakeybus was released early last year, introducing the world to the possibilities of driving a bus that gets longer and longer as you collect passengers. The longer you get, the more precarious your situation is, as the possibility of ploughing straight into one of your trailing bus carriages becomes a real threat.

But now that threat can be thrust upon your enemies, because the newly added multiplayer challenges you to race and battle other players in a bid to become the longest bus.

If you’ve ever wanted to play Snake but the snakes are flying buses instead, then look no further. Snakeybus takes you on a delightful tour of 11 delightful locations, where you’ll need to pick up passengers and drop them off at their destinations to earn more bus length.

In the multiplayer you’ll need to do the same, except you’ll be competing against several other flying, leaping and elongating buses. There are new power ups in the multiplayer to deal with the other bus snakes – infinite boosting, plow and rockets, because no bus journey is truly complete without some explosions.

Alice O particularly enjoyed her time with Snakeybus, writing: “I especially like when I jump the bus over the bus then later need to hit a ramp to jump the bus over the bus jumping over the bus.”

You can get a better look at some of the multiplayer features in the developer’s post, where they explain that they’re still working on how to improve the game mode.

“Our hope is that this update will give everyone a better idea as to what Snakeybus Multiplayer could be. The devs will continue to brainstorm and see what interesting dynamics can be added to the game.”

Snakeybus is available on Steam and is currently 75% off, making it cheaper than an actual bus fare at £1.80/€2.05/$2.50.

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