See more drone bees in this actual gameplay teaser for Atomic Heart


After a bit of an information drought, we finally got to see some new footage of the alternate universe Soviet FPS Atomic Heart yesterday courtesy of a lengthy breakdown video. Today, there’s a shorter but more concise official gameplay teaser in case you didn’t feel like sifting through 45 minutes of talk to find the in game clips like Matt did.

It’s a quick reel mostly of the mechanical baddies you’ll find out in the wild. Huge drillsnakes rotate overhead. The large frog thing with a buzzsaw on its face takes a leap at the player for a nice, weighty-looking attack. Some other giant, spherical creature vaults around a lab indoors. I’ve run out of synonyms for “big.” They’re all healthy-sized horrors, alright?

Then there’s those bee drones we heard about yesterday as well. In the trailer below you can see one fixing up its frog-like friend. Later on it takes a whack at the player itself with the propeller blades around its head.

There’s not much new to find in today’s trailer, though the suddenly steadier drip of information is promising. It seems Atomic Heart may be out of hibernation. Perhaps Mundfish are gearing up to give us a release date as well, since one isn’t known just yet. With these closer looks at gameplay coming back to back, it could be that a 2020 release date is in the cards.

You can find and wishlist Atomic Heart on Steam.

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