See Apex Legends’ Fourth Season In Action


On February 4, Respawn Entertainment is launching Apex Legends’ fourth season, which just happens to be called Assimilation. Holding true to Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s use of the word, robotic beings are doing bad things to the fleshy beings. In the game’s case, a new playable Legend named Revenant is the robot that’s tearing people up. In a new trailer released by Respawn, you can see Revenant in action.

Revenant is a part of season four’s new content. The World’s Edge map is also changing quite a bit, thanks to the addition of a planet harvester that is doing what it is designed to. As Apex Legends’ design director Jason McCord points out, “considering the unstable, volcanic nature of World’s Edge, it’s no surprise that the Planet Harvester has caused giant lava-filled faults to rupture, splitting Capital City in two.”

This season will offer a new battle pass, Town Takeover, skins, and more. You can read more about the changes made to World’s Edge at Respawn’s official blog.

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