Reader Discussion – How Do You Feel About The Xbox Series X & S Prices?


After what felt like eons of time (and with the help of a major leak), Microsoft has finally unveiled the retail prices of the Xbox Series X and its slim, sleek counterpart, the Series S. While the Series X is listed at $499, the Series S has a more manageable price of $299. The specs between the two consoles aren’t particularly drastic, but the Series X is undeniably pumping out better numbers including more memory storage and a higher native resolution. Additionally, both consoles have financing options – which, if you ask me, is a godsend!

But, we’re not here to listen to what I think about these prices; we’re hear to get feedback from you! What do you think about the prices? Were you expecting both consoles to cost more or less than what they were revealed to be? Does anybody else think they’re going to try out the financing options? Go on and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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