Ramattra the Revolutionary – Character Update With Lead Narrative Designer

PC, World of Warcraft

Ramattra is one of the leaders of the Omnic liberation group Null Sector. Since Omnic life is finite, Ramattra believes Omnics should only be concerned for other Omnics, and not bother with Human issues. Despite many people considering him one, Ramattra does not see himself as a villain, since he fights selflessly for his people. Ramattra isn’t above working with humans to achieve his goals, as we saw him working with Doomfist at the end of Storm Rising.

Ramattra is voiced by Ramon Tikaram, a british actor and voice actor who has stared in many movies, TV shows, and video games. He is known for his Phylo Percadium in Jupiter Ascending, Dorian in Dragon Age Inquisiton, and most recently Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring!

There is also a new short story coming soon exploring the founding of Null Sector, showing Ramattra and other Omnic leaders who fought alongside him in the early days of Null Sector.

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