Playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with a recorder, why not?


Alright alright, quiet down class. We’ve got a new student in the school of unlikely objects used to control games. Move over, goose costume. Pipe down, theremin. This Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player is using a recorder. Yes, the thing you never properly learned to play Hot Cross Buns on can be used to (sometimes) score kills in Cold War’s multiplayer.

This silly setup comes your way from the livestreamer “DeanoBeano” over on Twitch, who’s managed to rig up a recorder as an input device. Pardon the profanity in this here Tweet but it really is my favorite of the clips so far. The in-game audio is quite low, so most of what you can hear is some grade school level recorder playing with a sudden, triumphant “hoot” as DeanoBeano manages to pick off an enemy player.

It’s slapstick gold, in my opinion.

It’s no flute fluke, either. Deano gets several kills with the trusty recorder, including this headshot and this kill through poor visibility, growing more efficient and precise with the world’s worst instrument.

At the beginning of the livestream, Deano explains that the recorder controller was easy to set up but “using it is like a whole different thing”, which sure seems like an understatement. From what I can tell, Deano has a few commands rigged up to the flute, one for auto-running forward, two for looking in either direction, one for toggling the scope, and one for firing.

It starts off goofy enough, each note turning the camera a few degrees. The deaths come quick, initially, though Deano eventually adjusts, figuring out how to move more tactically and set up shots where players are likely to pop their heads up. Heck, maybe using a recorder isn’t the worst idea after all.

Deano’s done some similar shenanigans before with a drum set, and also switched to a set of bongos later in this recorder livestream.

If you’re not ready for legendary difficulty recorder play just yet, the RPS guides gang have you covered with info on the best guns and best loadouts in Cold War. Oh, and season one for Cold War and Warzone began today, including that new Rebirth Island map for the battle royale end of COD.

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