Looks like American Truck Simulator will visit Colorado after Idaho


As American Truck Simulator continues to expand across the USA with new state expansions, it looks like Colorado will follow the upcoming Idaho. So far, developers SCS Software have only been talking about future states after finishing one but now they’re teasing a new one before Idaho even have a release date. Does this indicate they might be speeding up the pace of releases? I’d certainly be glad if so! But even if this is just a shift in marketing plans, it’ll be nice to know more about what’s coming.

“Guess where we are,” SCS said on Friday. “We will give you a clue, you can find arid desert, river canyons and stunning national parks all within this one state.”

As one commenter spotted, that second shot is right by the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park Visitor Center in Colorado. And the line “Get ready for a colorful ride” at the end sure seems a nod to its nickname, “Colorful Colorado.” Of course, in England we call it Colourado.

SCS announced American Truck Simulator’s Idaho expansion in December. It does not yet have a release date.

It is unusual for SCS to tease the next-next expansion before releasing the next expansion so I really do hope this indicates that their plans to expand mapmaking teams has brought them to the point to really speed up releases. But even if this is just a cheeky teaser, I welcome it. I dream of escaping the murderously dry deserts to reach new wet and green areas, so seeing more of the future gives me hope. My big hopes are Vermont and Louisiana, and there’s a long way to go. I’d die for a bit of swamp. Drive my truck straight into the bayou. Uninstall the game at this point and consider I’d won it forever.

In other trucknews, SCS are working on introducing a new sound engine which will let them make it genuinely sound stunningly better.

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