How to Earn Profession Knowledge Points in Dragonflight

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There are many different ways to collect Knowledge Points to build your profession’s skill tree. There are one-time only methods such as crafting a recipe for the first time, gathering a new herb or mine. Crafters can collect open world treasures. Gatherers can harvest rare side items — as many as they can find. Both can open a repeatable turn-in quest for Dragon Shard of Knowledge and do Profession Trainer quests that open when you unlock World Quests.

We’ve prepared a guide that discusses every way we know at present to earn Knowledge Points for Professions. This includes whether a method is repeatable, if it applies to Crafting or Gathering (or both), and how much Knowledge you can earn from each method.

Earning Profession Knowledge Points in Dragonflight

Remember that once you spend a Knowledge Point in a Specialization Tree, it’s a permanent choice and cannot be refunded. There is currently no way to respec a profession tree or take back a choice (unlearning and re-learning a profession restores the previous tree). While we hope that will change in the future, it’s not reality now. For information on where best to spend these hard-won Knowledge points, please see our Specialization guides:

Alchemy Specializations
Blacksmithing Specializations
Enchanting Specializations
Engineering Specializations
Herbalism Specializations
inscription Specializations
Jewelcrafting Specializations
Leatherworking Specializations
Mining Specializations
Skinning Specializations
Tailoring Specializations

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