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Like an excitable tiger with a lisp, critically-acclaimed horror game Devotion bounced off Steam before I got to play it. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to seeing what developer Red Candle Games was going to do after I was scared pantsless by the studio’s first game.

Detention has you play as two classmates that are tasked with figuring out why their school has been overrun by ghosts and ghoulies called The Lingered. You get to the bottom of things by, firstly, running the hell away from the nasty creatures that roam the halls, and secondly, by solving a series of adventure game-like puzzles. You’ll be able to tell when the unpleasant folks are near, as scrawls, scratches and snarls drift in and out of your headphones. It’s a warning to watch yourself. A horrible, yet masterful, warning.

Detention’s always cautioning you, really. At least that’s what it feels like. A big scare doesn’t feel like a release, because the tension is always hovering at a point where you never quite feel comfortable. From start-to-finish it’s probably around three hours, but it must’ve taken me three days to complete. If I played it one sitting I’d imagine my heart would’ve exploded and I wouldn’t be here typing these words.

I’m glad I am, though, because it means I get to talk about how good Detention is.

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