Goofy puzzler Wattam is now out on Steam, too


Wattam, the silly puzzler about combining strange sentient objects, originally came out a year ago. It’s been scloosies with the Epic Games Store for the year, but hey you can now find it over on Steam. It’s currently 50% off on both stores, so now’s as good a time as any to snatch up this cute pile of poop, flowers, and balloons.

Wattam is a silly, somewhat surreal experience, which is precisely what you’d expect from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. I don’t think there’s a space king in this one, but you do play as a sad little cube called Mayor who wants to make some new pals. All the objects you befriend have different abilities or qualities. The giant mouth eats foods and turns them into poop, somehow. Poop plus waffle cone equals an ice cream cone, somehow. They all have faces. Somehow.

Katharine didn’t originally take to it at launch in her Wattam review, but 2020 has done a number on us all and perhaps a bit of lighthearted silliness it just what we all need. She’s come around on it a little since, saying that if it had arrived this winter instead of last it would have left a different impression.

Even this year, Katharine says she wishes it did more. “While there’s a plentiful supply of objects you can combine to create new and weird reactions, such as making everyone fall asleep by bashing into them with a pillow, or making them cry by terrorising them with an onion, a lot of the game’s objectives only rely on a few key players. There’s so much missed opportunity for silly mayhem, and that’s a real shame.”

Its unbridled silliness may not quite rival the joy in something like the Untitled Goose Game, but hey it does also have multiplayer which apparently allows for some fun, harmless griefing.

You can find Wattam over on Steam where it’s currently discounted by 50% until January 5th for £7.74/€8.39/$9.99. It’s still on the Epic Store as well, where it’s also 50% off.

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