Ghost Of Tsushima On PS5 Will Achieve 60 FPS With ‘Game Boost’


Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is a stunningly beautiful story that helped end the era of PS4 on an incredible note. For those interested in Sony’s Game Boost feature, this is an option that will make the PS4 game even more breathtaking. 

The PS5 Game Boost feature aims to improve performance of PlayStation 4 titles and Ghost of Tsushima will greatly benefit from that. For those that play this Sucker Punch title on the next generation of PlayStation, they will note a potential 60 FPS experience thanks to this particular boosting addition. 

Tsushima will also be taking advantage of the PS5 SSD capabilities, insuring faster loading times for those playing. 

Even more so, Sucker Punch also promises that players will be able to transfer their saves from the PlayStation 4 system to the PS5, something that is not guaranteed for all titles going into next gen. For those looking to make the jump from PS4 to PS5, this save transfer can be done via external storage or via WiFi, something Sony talked a little more about earlier today. 

For those loving this Ghost of Tsushima ride, a major content drop is arriving next week that allows for multiplayer, being able to recruit dogs, and so much more! You can learn more about what’s on the way with the update trailer seen at the top of the article. 

Are you excited to continue on in the way of the Samurai with Ghost of Tsushima on PS5? What has you the most excited about the upcoming generation? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, let’s celebrate gaming! 

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