Death Stranding will let you take moody action shots with photo mode on PC


Make America Mailman Again simulator Death Stranding is coming to PC this summer and the details keep rolling in on what special goodies are coming with the second launch. Earlier this week it was the headcrab hat for Sam. Now, it’s a photo mode. Mr. Strand himself, Hideo Kojima, posted a video today showing off a few shots being taken with the new action shot creator.

Naturally, you can take some Michael Bay-esque shots of postman Sam jumping away from explosions, jumping off of cliffs, and other such things that seem totally against company health and hazard policy. At a glance, it reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn’s photo mode with a similar interface and options.

Here’s some options wot you can spot in the video if you’re willing to squint past the Twitter compression:

  • Show or hide Sam and change his pose, expression, and eye line
  • Change photo frames and add a logo
  • Change depth of field, focus, and aperture
  • Add a color filter and change exposure and contrast

Even at second glance, yeah that reminds me a lot of HZD’s photo mode which I quite liked. One thing it had that would be neat to see in Death Stranding is the ability to change the time of day while in photo mode to stage a shot without standing around for hours of in-game time. Didn’t spot that here but Kojima says a video will be shared later to further introduce the photo mode. Hopefully somewhere it can be uploaded in HD.

Death Stranding is being delivered to PC players on June 2nd. You can wishlist it on Steam where it’ll sell for £55/€60/$60.

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