Chain shot cannonballs are coming to Sea Of Thieves and they look brutal


The next addition to the Sea Of Thieves arsenal is going to be a doozy – they’re introducing chain shot cannonballs to take out your enemies’ masts. These projectiles are pretty self explanatory, they’re basically two cannonballs connected by a chain. When you hit a ship hull with these you aren’t going to do huge amounts of damage, but if you nail the capstan, masts or wheel, your enemies can say goodbye to escaping your attacks.

They also make a brilliant noise as they whizz over your head, which you can hear for yourself in the video below, or when the update drops on March 11th.

That’s not all for the latest Sea Of Thieves news though – Rare are running a special event this week for the more chilled pirates among us. The Hunter’s Haul event is a fishing competition, challenging you to catch 180 Ruby Splashtails and hand them in to the Hunter’s Call folks. If you manage that, you’ll be rewarded with the Gold Hauler figurehead, so everyone will recognise your fishing prowess as you sail the seas. This event has been running since Monday the 24th February, and ends on March 9th.

You can get some more decorative swag by watching Twitch this weekend, too. If you watch any of Sea Of Thieves’ partnered streamers for at least half an hour on Saturday 29th, you’ll be able to add another Obsidian item into your inventory – the Obsidian Fishing Rod. And if you watch those same streamers for half an hour on Sunday 1st, you can get the Ebon Flintlock Pistol.

Rare are even holding a special double XP and gold event on Saturday 29th to celebrate the leap year. It’s a good opportunity to level up some of the factions – I know it’s exactly what I’ll be doing. I’m so close to becoming a Pirate Legend it hurts.

The next game update hits on March 11th, bringing those fancy new cannonballs and a brand new Tall Tale to embark on as well.

You’ve got a little bit of time then to catch up with any of the Tall Tales you might’ve missed so far. I highly recommend doing them, they’re just one of the many reasons Sea Of Thieves is one of the best pirate games on PC.

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