BlizzCon 2021 Dates Announced With ‘BlizzConline’ This February


Blizzard has announced their dates for the all digital BlizzCon experience set for February 2021. With this year’s celebration cancelled due to the continued presence of COVID-19, the Blizzard-specific convention had to make a stark pivot with many others like it. 

According to a recent BlizzCon update, the BlizzConline experience will take place from February 19-20, 2021. This online showcase is meant to replace the 2020 celebration that has been cancelled. 

So why such a stark difference from the usual timing for BlizzCon? According to Blizzard, “We still have a lot of planning to do, and it’ll be some time before we’re ready to share more details – but we wanted to provide a heads-up on how you can be a part of the online fun.” 

Just like its real-life counterpart, BlizzConline will feature a community showcase that will allow fans to show off their talent and love for the many Blizzard franchises out there. March of the Murlocs also returns digitally where fans can don those Murloc onesies once more and send in a video to Blizzard to participate. 

The cosplay exhibition and contests will also be returning with an entry deadline of January 4, 2021. Again, this is all online, but this allows fans to share their amazing cosplays (even for pets!) with Blizzard and the world. 

All original submissions will be showcased during the online show. You can learn more on how to participate, and how to enter the cosplay contest as well, right here before it’s too late! 

The art and digital storytelling contests will also be returning for BlizzConline with the same entry deadline for January 4. Blizzard is working hard to ensure that much of the original BlizzCon experience can be felt despite the massive change in how the show operates. 

One thing that makes BlizzCon so special is the community. There is unabashed love through stories and cosplay, all for the various adventures Blizzard has to offer with World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and so much more. So save the date, because BlizzConline arrives on February 19, 2021. 

[Source: Blizzard]

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