Best Buy’s Samsung SSD deals fill some important Prime Day gaps


If you’re looking for a great SSD deal this Amazon Prime Day, you may be slightly disappointed with the selection available on Amazon US today. While there are a couple of stand-out hits, including a 2TB WD Blue 3D NAND for $176 (down from $230), it’s not exactly as wide-ranging as the UK deals. Happily, other retailers are filling the gaps. I’ve already highlighted a great deal on the excellent WD Blue SN550 over at Newegg, but if it’s Samsung SSDs you’re after, the place to be is Best Buy, especially if you’re after an 860 Evo or 970 Evo Plus. Read on below for the highlights.

There are some decent Samsung SSD deals to be had at Amazon US, but most are on Samsung’s already expensive 860 Pro. There are no 860 Evo deals in sight – at least none that I’ve seen anyway. Fortunately, Best Buy has knocked $50 off the 1TB model of Samsung’s best SATA SSD, bringing it down to just $120 for the next two days, putting it below their also excellent 860 Qvo (which is what I’d normally recommend for those after a 1TB SATA drive).

There’s also $25 off the 500GB model at the moment, putting it at just $65. This is around $10 less than what I normally see on Amazon, making it a good time to take the plunge if you want the best SATA SSD for gaming around.

Best Buy also have better deals on Samsung’s 970 Evo Plus NVMe drive, too. Again, the best savings are on the 500GB and 1TB models, with reductions of $40 and $60 respectively.

Admittedly, the 500GB price is pretty standard for the 970 Evo Plus, so it’s not such a good deal as it might first appear. The 1TB model, meanwhile, is around $10 cheaper than what you’ll normally find on Amazon, according to my price tracker.

Finally, there’s a decent deal on the new Samsung T7 portable SSD. This is the regular version of the Touch fingerprint model I reviewed, and is currently $30 cheaper than normal. It’s a great external SSD, and pretty much exactly the same price as the older T5 used to be at the moment – which is good news indeed now the T5 has more or less gone end of life. All three colours are down to the same price of $80, too, giving you a choice of blue, red or black.

It’s a lovely bit of kit, and rounds out the rather disappointing selection of SSD deals you’ll find at Amazon – all of which I’ve collected together in our main Amazon Prime Day deals hub.

For more Amazon Prime Day and non-Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals, be sure to keep an eye on our hardware deals homepage, as well as our Amazon Prime Day deals hub for all the latest prices and discounts.

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