American Truck Simulator is headed to Idaho on July 16th


If you’ve been waiting for new roads to ride in American Truck Simulator you’ll be climbing back in your cab soon. The American steer ’em up is headed to Idaho for its newest expansion which will launch next week on Thursday, July 16th. Catch a look at some of the landmarks you’ll spot with the new Viewpoint feature in SCS Software’s new trailer.

The Idaho DLC will add thousands of miles of new road, 11 Idaho cities like Boise and Idaho Falls, and familiar land features like canyons and valleys. I’ll spare ya the spud jokes because I suspect the locals have heard about as many of them as I have corn puns.

As a midwesterner who’s never been to Idaho, I can tell you with some confidence that yep, that sure is a slightly west-er part of the country than where I’m from. You can tell because there are mountains and not just the little hills we have here in the flyover states.

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For getting a good look at all the scenery, American Truck Sim is getting a new Viewpoint cinematic feature as well, which avid driver Alice0 is pretty keen for. You can’t get out of the truck to wander around, but you’ll be able to stop at marked spots and be treated to a special view of some local point of interest. SCS talk a bit more about Viewpoints in their recent blog post.

Personally, I’d feel a little lukewarm about digital sightseeing in Idaho but I suppose the grass is always greener in someone else’s countryside, eh? Give me a little hatchback and tell me I’m an Amazon delivery driver and I’d gladly tour my way up from Aberdeen to Pennan in a driving simulation. For more scenery goodness, SCS have some additional Idaho screenshots in their release date announcement post.

After Idaho, American Truck Sim’s next stateside DLC will be Colorado which, actually, yeah I’d totally try driving a truck through.

You can grab American Truck Simulator – Idaho on Thursday, July 16th over on Steam. The price isn’t listed just yet, but presumably it will match the price of all the other states DLCs at £9/€12/$12.

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