Dynastic Scrolls adds new Horde Mode, Awakening and 1v1 PvP in the latest update


YOOZOO Games’ popular mobile RPG, Dynasty Scrolls is bringing out a major update. The update adds Horde Mode, Awakening and a new 1v1 PvP mode. Among the past few updates, this update could be the biggest and most interest up till now.

So, get ready with your skills to discover Ancient China and test out numerous heroes. With so many new additions and adjustments let’s take a look at the information about the update.

From tomorrow, players will be able to enjoy two new maps along with a PvP mode. Aside from that, the game has now allowed the players to use the mechanism for Awakening the hero’s level. If you have a Legendary Hero above Level 120, the latest update will significantly improve their power through ‘Awakening’ the heroes.

With Star Karma System, players can fill their inventory with huge collectable items which can be used to expand the lore and hero’s powers. If you prefer more action, then enter the Warlord’s Clash and fight with other players in the 1v1 scene.

Each player’s Tier level will be determined by the Warlord Points they have and the game will match the player with an enemy of the same level. In order to participate in the clash, your account must be at Level 55. And, players with the highest number of Warlord points at the end of a season will receive a new frame.

Participate in Story of Time and Enemy at the Gates and solve puzzles to claim new rewards like new treasure items and unique buffs. Use the treasure items to unlock the Dynasty Scrolls-Time, which gives a stat bonus.

Get ready to tackle a horde of invading enemies in Enemy at the Gates mode. Use Challenge Attempts to enter the mode, which also includes Chariot Mode, which intensifies the difficulty. Enter these modes to test your strategic mind as the enemies appear in waves.

Dynasty Scrolls is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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