You could end up fighting your allies in Ghost of Tsushima if you disagree too much


Ghost of Tsushima will let you clash swords with your allies.

Despite how cinematic and directed it appears, the story of Ghost of Tsushima seemingly allows for a good degree of freedom and decision-making on the part of its players.

In the March issue of OPM (via Reddit user Hunbbel), the magazine shared a few interesting details about the game from watching the studio play. In particular, the preview highlighted how your actions could change how Jin is perceived by his allies.

The player’s response to the different situations in the game will have an effect on his relationship with different characters. Things could get very heated, in fact, that Jin may fight his allies.

The post also touches a little bit on combat and the general gameplay flow. Mongols’ various camps, and the castles they’ve occupied, can be infiltrated in either stealth or full-on action. In stealth, you’ll have access to various tools and gadgets that allow you to make short work of enemies.

Some of the examples mentioned were smoke grenades, sticky bombs, fire arrows – and of course, the grappling hook that lets you zoom around the environments. As we saw in earlier trailers, Jin also has access to a number of stealth attacks, like stabbing enemies through folding screens and thin walls.

No specifics about the combat model were mentioned, but the magazine notes that encounters are deadly and could end with a single strike. Iaijutsu, for example, is cited as a way of ending the life of a single opponent immediately.

Lastly, the game’s release date of June 26 appears to be intact, though that could just be outdated information given the constantly evolving coronavirus situation, which already lead to the delay of The Last of Us Part 2 and Iron Man VR – both Sony-published games.

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