Valve Index restock should arrive before Half-Life Alyx


It was recently announced that there should be a Valve Index restock just in time for Half-Life Alyx, which launches later this month.

The Valve Index VR headset sold a remarkable 103,000 units after the announcement of Half-Life Alyx, but catastrophe soon struck. Valve’s production schedule for the pricey headset was thrown completely off of its axis as a result of the coronavirus, to the extent that it was still completely out of stock just a month ahead of Half-Life Alyx’s release date.

However, a recent report from RPS mentions that a Valve Index restock could be on the way. Specifically, it’s rumored that the headset will go back on sale on Monday, March 9. However, it’s also likely it will sell out almost immediately.

The rumor comes from the unofficial Steam Database Twitter page. You can read the post below.

It’s a bit fishy, but they also went on to post another tweet, which explicitly mentions the restock.

Still not concrete, but people are already itching to get their hands on an Index in case it’s their last chance before Alyx launches.

People on Reddit are going wild. Check this out:

And this:

And let’s not forget this:

Lastly, my personal favorite:

An Index costs £919, so these people mean business. Dropping a grand with four days notice based on an unofficial leak might seem a bit wild, but hey, this is Half-Life, the all-in most expensive video game in history, apparently.

Half-Life Alyx comes to Steam on March 23, 2020. Obviously you need an Index to play, or else these people wouldn’t care so much about a restock.

If you’re curious about what all the fuss is about, check out these Half-Life Alyx gameplay videos. Also, you’ll be delighted to know Valve recently announced that Half-Life Alyx is the first of many more Half-Life games. And if you want even more of that sweet Half-Life content, check out Jeremy Peel’s excellent piece on how Half-Life 2 influenced a generation to make Dishonored, Dying Light, and, eventually, Half-Life Alyx.

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