TTK is changing again in Battlefield 5, and a new 3D spotting system is coming


DICE is working on some surprising changes for Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 5‘s December update, 5.2, will be one of the game’s biggest. Not only is it going to add the remake of Wake Island and the long-awaited community games (private servers), it’s also set to tweak gameplay in a couple of major ways.

In a lengthy blog post, DICE revealed that it’s created a compromise between the classic 3D spotting system, and what currently exists in the game. In order to combat the ongoing issue of poor player visibility, the developer is adding a form of auto-spotting.

Within 28 meters, looking at an enemy player will bring up a red icon above their head, which at this point confirms that you can freely engage. In more close-quarter situations, within 15 meters, enemies will all have a similar red icon above their heads, so long as they’re within your field of vision. This should make camping in dark corners much less effective, since a quick scan of the room will immediately reveal any enemy who might be lying in wait.

The major difference from the old 3D spotting system is that these icons will only be visible to you, not for everyone on the team. The minimap, likewise, won’t be updated to show red dots – this only triggers in the 3D space, and for each player individually.

Weapon TTK, for certain weapons at least, will also be changing in 5.2. DICE is mainly targeting long-range damage for automatic weapons. In short, some weapons will now take more shots to kill at ranges beyond 20 meters.

To go along with that balance pass, DICE will be making some adjustments to weapon recoil and rate of fire, though these will vary depending on the weapon. The developer wants to promote more variety and give less common weapons time to shine.

Update 5.2 will bring balance tweaks to the Fliegerfaust anti-air launcher, and another big change to tank combat that should make it easier to understand – and predict – the damage you deal/receive in a tank. Hit the link above for more.

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